Two Minimalist Sneakers, One Favorite

Finding the right luxury sneaker can be tough. There are so many similar silhouettes with varying minuscule details that can make the decision on where to throw your well-earned paycheck, extra difficult. The decision was between the Common Project B-Ball Low in white or the Sandro Paris Magic (Dual Fabric Trainer w/ Contrasting Band).


This time around, I was in the market for a more structured trainer that would add a distinct look to some of my outfits. Disclaimer: My wardrobe consists of pretty simple pieces. Lots of navy, gray, black, and white spread throughout different articles like chore jackets, overshirts, tees, and button downs.


While both shoes are proven to be well-designed and crafted with high-quality leather, there’s really only room for one.


One of the biggest differentiating factors between the two sneakers is the thickness of the sole. The Common Projects had a much lower profile, making it easier to make everyday outfit pairings. The sole at the widest point was about 1”. The Sandro trainers, on the other hand, has a sole very similar to a Nike Air Force 1. At it’s widest point, the sole measures to be 1.5” and tapers down to a little over 1” as you approach the toebox.

These two sneakers serve completely different purposes in my wardrobe. The Common Projects B-Ball lows give me the clean look that I can to pair with almost everything. It’s a lot more lowkey and doesn’t pull attention from your whole look. However, it is hard to justify wearing such a simple sneaker like this when I can just wear an all white slip on or the crowd favorite, Common Projects Achilles Low.


This being said, I find that I wear the Sandro Trainers way more often than the Common Project B-balls because of how distinct they are. At the end of the day, the higher cut, chunkier sole, and the contrasting trim helps to better balance out my simple style and helps me achieve a more stand-outish athletic look.